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About Team Clinics:
Team Clinics are held at your practice venue, and last two hours.  Emphasis is on achieving two major goals: 1) correction of major faults in sprinting technique for individual team players, and 2) instruction in essential drills that will help players develop greater sprinting speed.

Team coaches are encouraged to attend the clinic session as observer.  Handouts covering the major points of instructions as well as the drills will be provided for coaches.

Minimum Age: 9 years

Rates: $30 per athlete, minimum of 10 athletes, maximum 40




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Soccer Speed was originally developed by A. C. Reynolds High School and Asheville Lightning Sprints and Hurdles Coach Lee Pantas in 2002 as a method to help soccer, football, baseball and softball players develop sprint speed.

Coach Pantas is a USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach, and has helped thousands of young athletes get faster over short distances. His Track & Field specialty is hurdles and in his coaching career has had over numerous All-Americans, and over 60 Conference & State Champions in the hurdles, an event where speed is an absolute necessity.

Soccer Speed is designed to teach young athletes the fundamentals of proper sprinting and starting technique. Instruction covers basic sprint biomechanics and sprinting form, individual correction of major running faults, starting and reaction skills, and speed development drills.


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